After Bernie: Stuff shorter than Books

“After Bernie – A reading list for despairing liberals eyeing radicalism out the corner of their eye: Stuff shorter than books”

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. Clinton the democratic. This list is for people who suspect the world might need more than hollow rigged rituals to become a better place.
The works here are shorter than books (a list of those will come shortly) and can help those who want to begin the trip down the rabbit hole of radicalism.

– Slavoj Zizek – “Slavoj Zizek speaks at Occupy Wall Street

– Kevin Carson – “The Iron Fist behind the Invisible Hand” (Also check out his “Techno-Utopianism, Counterfeit and Real” series)

– Bob Black – “The Abolition of Work

– Nadia C. – “Your Politics are Boring as Fuck” (new working link)

– Daniel Quinn – “Beyond Civilization” (Check out ‘The New Renaissance’ if you can’t find Beyond Civ)

Click to access daniel-quinn-beyond-civilization.pdf

– Voltairine de Cleyre – “The Individualist and the Communist”

– Feral Faun – “Social Transformation — or the Abolition of Society

– David Graeber – “Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

Click to access Graeber.pdf

– Derick Jensen – “Forget Shorter Showers

– Ken Macleod – “Socialism on One Planet