Fantism – Noun

N 1. An antiquated belief system or ideology that persists at the cost of more timely social movements and ideologies, with passionate supporters who discuss it at length but cannot agree upon what it actually is or means.
2. An undead belief system or ideology that maintains relevance and life by draining modern social movements and ideologies of their life.
3. An old idea that resides only in conversations of what it is. Not in communities or actions, but just in attempts to clarify itself.

From the latin word ‘fant’ – speaking / to speak

“At a certain point I don’t give a shit if Bernie Sanders is a socialist or not, the whole thing is just fantism anyway.”

“You can waste your time arguing with the Mises crowd what ‘Capitalism’ actually means, but you’re just feeding the fantism.”

“In stead of getting caught up in this fantism to figure out what we all mean when we say ‘anarchy’ we could have built a multimachine.”

A new age of ephemeral and horizontal mass print requires new words and tools. Hakanto and i made this word to help us in our day to day lives.  Comes in handy here and there.