The sexiness of Vivec and societal change.

I’ve noticed that as time goes on and the people of my generation take on more and more powerful roles in society (as business leaders, politicians, producers of media, even bureaucrats) it becomes easier and easier to openly say things i would have never said around my parent’s generation.

I have a few pinterest boards and one is dedicated to the art and aesthetics of the video game “Morrowind” (a precursor to “Skyrim”). I recently posted a picture of the character Vivec, and titled the image “Lord Vehk, in his holy sexiness”. An interesting digression here would be to mention that in various in-game texts Vivec (or Vehk) is said to be hermaphroditic and the various fan groups for morrowind often make humorous references to him being sexy as well as promiscuous (he’s also a living god).
While i realize that a straight cis male commenting on the sexiness of a queerish (i assume we all understand the word “queer” now to be in the solidaritous sense and not the derogatory sense) and masculine-ish demi-god from a fantasy universe isn’t ground breaking, i’m still struck that it’s so easy to do, and at the same time so easy to disregard the possibly conservative sensibilities and confusions of older generations.
I guess it’s just nice that i can make disparaging remarks about capitalism (and statism), how attractive some men are, and why i think the skirt is an under appreciated male garment without much worry that it will have some negative consequence.