Scottish Holon

So apparently “Scotland has decided to stay with the union” or “The Scottish people have said no to independence from the UK”.
I once heard Cody Wilson point out (alright, so it was a video of him i saw) that the occidental world has a sort of religious or mythical reverence for the idea of majoritarian rule or beliefs. That is, if some majority wants something, then it ought to be done because some fundamental universal law makes it the ethical thing to do. I think there is something to this. Why do we cling so much to majoritarian democracy?

I do not think “Scotland decided to stay in the union” or that “Scottish people reject independence”. How could they? There are apparently votes for independence as well as people who didn’t vote at all. So… Maybe the language we use when we say a “nation has done” something, or “we” went to war here or there, or americans voted in this president or blah blah blah, is bogus. Maybe we ought to drop the charade. Some people in Scotland wanted to be under the rule of the British state, some wanted to be under the rule of an independent Scottish state. Both come with bureaucracy, taxes, institutionalization, and all that jazz.  But the “Scottish people” or “Scotland” didn’t decide anything, because they, the individual people, don’t act as a monolithic whole. They have individual stories, dreams, and agendas.
Maybe there is truth to the idea of consciousness arising from large networks and holons being created from integrated parts, but i’ll try to never talk about these supposed new higher systems in terms of nation-states and ethnic groups like individual people.

Scotland didn’t vote no, nor did it vote yes. Scotland isn’t something that can vote.