Hippie Remix

I love primitivism, animism, and anti-civilization type stuff, but I tire easily of flowery new-age hippie stuff, especially the language of this movement. Though, to be clear, i often make common cause with new agers and probably have a similar worldview in many ways to that of your average hippie.
But much to my delight, I just realized that everything corny said by a hippie can be said in a much darker, interesting, and basically more attractive way if you put a little effort into it. I don’t mean to be offensive, just to explain what actually moves me.
I’ll make up some examples:

Listen to the wisdom of the trees.
Eat the silent tongue-wisdom of the forest

Reconnect with nature
Let your feral renaissance consume you

It is the dawn of a new age
The old days are dead!

Find your soul-mate
He will wear my love as a new skin

Look into your heart
Gaze upon the primal flesh

Reflect on life’s passing
Consider your end, mortal!

Heal mother earth
Destroy that which sickens the undergiver.

See? It’s easy.